Want more Use Case examples from Dedicated Computing?

A global genomics innovator needed support in creating a platform designed for processing massive amounts of sequencing data accurately, rapidly, and cost effectively.

Commercially available systems were insufficient and created roadblocks with readily evaluating systems in the field. Dedicated partnered its engineering expertise with their genomics needs, pinpointing and resolving issues by integrating the client’s technology directly onto the platform.

The Dedicated Computing Solution:

  • Dedicated Computing’s industry insight enabled earlier access to advanced technology from genomic technology partners such as Intel
  • Flexible high performance storage options optimized the storage sub-system for a range of performance and cost considerations
  • Workloads were accelerated with fewer servers and hardware resources
  • Customized software stack met application needs, including a monitoring agent for proactive system management and maximum uptime
  • Scalable remote support team handles end-user requests on demand, removing tier one support from client resources